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Yay! - Ionia High School GSA

Jul. 12th, 2004

12:11 am - Yay!

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Date:March 3rd, 2005 07:53 am (UTC)
Hmmm I don’t know if you still update this… but anyways…
* Ahem *
Greetings Ionia High School GSA! My name's Erin and I'm from Esquimalt High's GSA (from Victoria, BC, Canada) I would have sent you guys an email... but you have no email address listed. Anyways, I'm interested in sharing idea's with you guys (what you do at meetings etc.) If you're interested give me a shout at esq_gsa@hotmail.com .We also have a website (if you're interested) http://www.angelfire.com/folk/esq_gsa/index.html

Thanks for your time :)

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