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Ionia High School GSA

Jul. 12th, 2004

12:11 am - Yay!

This is way past due. Oh well.

Summer haitus of course.

Come August though the smack down is here. Be afraid.

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Apr. 29th, 2004

09:09 pm - How to Make an Account and other...umm... interesting stuff

Edgar said he wasn't sure how to make an account.

Low and Behold I shall now tell you. Oooh and Ahh.

Type: www.livejournal.com

There is a pencil and a logo that says livejournal. Beneath that is a list of things. put your mouse on welcome. It should be there anyways. Click Create Account.

Fill in the info. It is similiar to filling in e-mail crap. Once you are done you should have an account.

Go to this community. Click on User Info. There is like two sentences with like hyper links. Click on the one that says to join community click here. Wow!

Now to post you just click user info then the little pencil in the blue box. To comment click on the leave a comment. Wow. Hard. Yeah. Edgar, I think you were just being lazy...

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I need to know if 3:30 on mondays as the starting time of the meeting doesn't work for anyone?

I check livejournal more than e-mail. Take that info for what it's worth.

~Evil survives when good men do nothing~ Yeah I am thinking that should be our motto. Lay a little guilt trip on everyone...

Toodles ~ Crystal K.

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Apr. 21st, 2004

04:50 pm - 1st GSA e-mail


I got all the e-mails I needed and plan to use them to send out info regarding GSA (obviously)

GSA meetings are every other monday... though that monday is not yet established. Currently there is NOT a planned GSA meeting in the near future.

I got a job this week. I don't know when my working hours are but they may be after school so that may be an issue. I, in no way shape or form would quit the GSA, I would still do behind the scenes type work, but my participation at meetings would greatly decrease... though it might not go noticed with our attendance... Anyways, currently it is not an issue, this is just a heads up. When things are more definite I will let you all know one way or another and discuss some things with those concerned.

I made a community on Livejournal which is a internet diary site, for our GSA. The community will be like a website bulletin board. It will have meeting dates on it, the e-mail's I send to you, perhaps brainstorming for activities and even discussions if it recieves that kind of participation. You have to join livejournal to post, but you don't need to join to view. I thought it would be nice and e-mail access wouldn't be needed. I am working all the kinks out of it. I have currently not been able to successfully post on it, but I WILL figure it out.

The website for live journal is www.livejournal.com, if you have any trouble with that you can e-mail me and I can help you with joining and the community and such. Shawn is also on there so he might be available for help. The community site is www.livejournal.com/community/ihs_gsa/ If these are dead links let me know... they shouldn't be... if they don't work it's probably my own stupidity and you might want to retry it. Just use your best judgment.

GSA has not had the best attendance, which is for a variety of factors, but lack of communication I think is one. I sometimes forget to notify you all and who I have notified and who I have not so on and so forth. Hopefully this will help. A date has not been set as said above, but when one is set I need some information from you to help so we all get there and remember and have rides and such and such and such.

I would like everyone to reply to this e-mail. you can leave it blank if you want. Just so I know you got it, but if any of the below info applies to you send it to me in an e-mail or find me at school, perferably e-mail.

(Unless the job get's in the way) I will be able to give rides. Not to everyone all the time but if you happen to not be able to find one after searching around a bit, I will most likely be able to give you one. With this group I don't think I really need to worry but if I start turning into individual's personal shaufer (sp? whatever...)I won't give rides anymore.

So if you need a ride tell me the day before or the school day of. You can e-mail it to me (not the day of) post it on LJ or talk to me at school.

I also need to know who needs reminders? I will let you all know the day I know the date of the next meeting I can also let you know the Friday before the meeting and the Monday of the meeting if you are the forgetful type. If this is the case respond telling me when you would like to be reminded. I can also have reminders sent to you during class saying you have a meeting on such and such day, but I wasn't sure if this would make anyone uncomfortable or not, I know whenever anyone gets anything someone always asks what its for. If you don't mind this and want a note, tell me/reply to me, because then I don't have to find you all.

I also wanted to know what activities everyone would be interested in doing and what topics regarding tolerance people would be interested besides gay issues. ( I know that's one of the major points but variety doesn't hurt.) Racism or anti-semitism or seperation of church and state, sexism... the list goes on and on really. If there is something that you find particular interest in that can some how be related to making tolerance, just let me know. Also if you find any interesting articles you can bring them in to the meetings.

Well I think that is about it. Today is Tuesday. I would like to get all the replies to this e-mail by Sunday. The sooner I get them in, the sooner we can have another meeting. If I don't get them by Sunday, I will print this off and give it to you Monday.

If you do not check your e-mail let me know. I don't want to wait for you if I don't have to.

Crystal Kohagen

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